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Seals Technology Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is proud to have partnered with IMI Z&J to offer their products and services locally.

Delayed Coking

Ethylene Transfer Line and Docking Valves

Fluidised Catalytic Cracking Unit Fractionator Isolation Valves

Isolation Valve

Key features

  • Two independent discs – limited thermal distortion, less steam and less erosion
  • Two independent discs – true double block and Purge performance
  • Active mechanical seating force for high tightness
  • Corrosion and wear resistant hard-faced seats
  • Guided carrier between two plates preventing coke fines in valve body
  • No cooling water required
  • Easy inspection of upper seat & disc
  • Minimal spare parts
  • 100% actuator redundancy
  • Actuator options: Electric or Hydraulic
  • Low potential for hydrocarbons escaping to the atmosphere
Key features

  • True double block & purge performance within one valve body by means of two independent, separate shut-off discs (independent closure elements). Proven under ​critical/severe service conditions
  • Active, controlled and constant mechanical seating force when closed due to the central split-wedge-ball device

    • safe and reliable tight shut-off
  • Flat or round body valve design
  • Mounting options: flanges or welding ends
  • With reduced or full-bore passage
  • Long-lasting metal-to-metal seats, corrosion and wear resistant
  • Smooth tubular passage ln the open position (valve body free of solid particles)
  • Can be installed in any orientation
  • Designed to customer specifications and German or International standards
  • Accommodates any desired type of actuator
  • Materials selected to suit operating conditions
  • Specially developed technique for crackfree hard-surfacing of the seats of ensures long-term maintenance-free service
Key features

  • Double-Block and Purge shut-off (offers the same functionality like a blind flange)
  • Internal components kept clean of medium
  • Seats protected, in both the open and closed positions, from erosion and coking medium
  • Mounting orientation flexibility – horizontal, vertical, etc
  • Stiff valve body protects against line loads
  • Sizes from 6″ to 100″
  • Line Connections can be welded-in or flanged w/ blanking system
  • Material specifications dictated by design and operating conditions​
Key features

  • Double disc design available as:
    • double block and purge
    • double block and bleed​
  • Metal to metal seating
  • Rising stem (O&Y type)
  • Round, oval or flat valve designs available
  • With flanges or butt-weld ends
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