ACES (All-in-one Customized Engineering Solutions)

ACES Program was conceived in June 2010 to provide our customers with a more holistic and comprehensive service and support. As an effective and efficient Engineering Solutions Provider, we strive to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction by delivering products and services of the Highest Quality.

ACES Program aims to achieve the following value propositions for our customers:
1. Major Cost Reduction
2. All-in-one Customized Engineering Solutions
3. Customization of Services for Plant Shut-downs or Maintenance and
4. Customization for Individual Jobs or Large Scale Projects.

We have more than 16 years of experience and knowledge in the fields of design, engineering and material application. These key enablers provide us with the competitive advantage to serve you better in the industries.

ACES builds on our core competencies in the following areas:
1. Engineering design and solutions, including reverse engineering capability.
2. Engineering services and support, including service and refurbishment of most types of valves.
3. Supply of seals and ‘O’ Rings, and seals kits.
4. Machining and fabrication of precision metal and plastic parts.
5. Material application, sourcing and supply, with strong support from Dupont and Quadrant.

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Our Business

Oil, gas and petrochemical Industries
Electronic Semi-conductor Industries
Medical & Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Asean Bintulu Fertilizer Snd Bhd
  • BP Zhuhai Chemicals
  • British Petroleum (BP)
  • Celanese
  • Chevron Phillips
  • Global Foundaries
  • Hyflux
  • Invista
  • Lucite
  • MELS
  • Neste Oil
  • Petrochemical Corporation (PCS)
  • Pfizer Asia Pacific
  • Pupuk Kaltim (Indonesia
  • Renewable Energy Corporation (REC)
  • Seagate International (Johor) Snd Bhd
  • Seagate Technology Ltd
  • Shell Eastern Petroleum Pte Ltd
  • Shell MDS (Bintulu)
  • Siemens Switzerland/Singapore Ltd
  • Singapore Refining Company (SRC)
  • Team Industrial Services
  • Teijin Polycarbonate (S) Pte Ltd
  • TET Alliance
  • The Polyolefin Company (S) Pte Ltd

  • Seals and Bushings
  • Engineering Plastics Parts & Components
  • Automation Parts & Components
  • Carbon Parts & Components
  • Ceramic Parts & ComponentsJigs and Fixtures, etc.

Value-added Services

  • Servicing & Repair of Equipment on site
  • Technical Support on site
  • In-house Repair and Services
  • Exotic Material Out Sourcing
  • Testing and Modification in house and on site
  • Subcontract for Heat Treatment/ Hardening, Coating (Both Plastic & Metal), Electro Polish, Anodize Plating, Clean Room Packing, etc.

Engineering Services

  • Service and repair
  • Repair and Rebuild
  • Other Services
  • Case Histories
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Sealing Products

Seals Technology Asia Pacific Pte Ltd started her business in 1996 in Seals and ‘O’ Rings. Over the years, the company has acquired a wide array of network and technical know – how to machine and fabricate ‘O’ Rings of various make and sizes, as well as various types and sizes of seals. Going forward, these seals and ‘O’ rings will be packaged under the our trademark ACES logo. Depending on customer’s requirements, we are also capable to customize Seals Kits cost effectively. We provide the following categories of Seals and ‘O’ Rings:


Encapsulated O-rings

Encapsulated O-rings are chemical resistant seals used in industries to prevent passage of corrosive fluids or gases. It comprises an elastomer core material which is enclosed within a covering, known as encapsulation.

Standard Elastomer O-rings

Standard Elastomer O-rings cover a whole host of ‘O’ rings made from synthetic rubber materials where natural rubber is enhanced through adding ingredients to liquid rubber mixture and then vulcanized or heated to derive its superior properties.

Spring Energized Seals

Spring Energized Seals are developed to overcome problems associated with seal polymers and elastomers. The spring action compensates for material set and wear, and have unlimited shelf-life. They are designed for static, rotary and reciprocating applications in temperatures from cryogenic to +600F; and pressures from vacuum to 25,000 psi, and to survive the most corrosive environments.

High PerformanceRotary Seals

High PerformanceRotary Seals are designed for rotary applications where the operating conditions exceed the capabilities of elastomer seals, and where extended seal life is desired or where mechanical seals are too expensive.