Seals Technology obtained ISO9001-2008 certification for Quality Management System on 28 Aug 2010. This certification is our testimony to our relentless focus on quality control and high quality products.

In establishing our quality management system, our management has established a robust system and process-flow to ensure that appropriate checks are conducted at different stages of the process by designated personnel. In addition, independent internal staff also carries out pre-inspection, in-process inspection and final inspection to ensure our finished products meet or surpass customers鈥� requirements.

If non-conformities are found during checks and inspections, appropriate corrective and preventive actions are taken. In addition if planned results such as quality objectives did not meet customers鈥� satisfaction, our management will review the planned result and implement actions necessary to achieve the planned results.

Seals Technology has documented a comprehensive Quality Manual that satisfies all the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The Quality Manual also contains our quality policy to provide the highest standard in quality and services.

We use Quality Objectives to measure Customer satisfaction. If all objectives are met and there are no significant customer returns, it is deem that the Quality Management System is effective.

We ensure that our products are well preserve and protected by ensuring that our employees are responsible for proper handling, storage and protection of products. Inventory materials are labeled and inventoried in designated location. Non-confirming products/parts are segregated and stored at designated areas.

In addition, we implement lean manufacturing and production in the entire production process to ensure that unnecessary wastage are minimized and productivity is increased, thereby deriving a more cost effective solution for our customers.